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The Deck is the pile of cards that are left over after all cards have been dealt.
To initiate a Draw is to challenge the other players in the game to a contest of remaining points; in a Draw, whoever has the least amount of points in their hand is the winner. When a player initiates a Draw, the other players in the game can choose to either Fight or Fold. If you choose to Fight but lose the Draw, you will lose more money to the winner because you challenged but lost. If you Fold, you basically give up, but you pay less than a losing Fight.
the amount of money that a player must bet at a beginning of the play
The Dump is the pile of cards that are discarded by players throughout game play.
The Hitter is the player who won the last game. The Hitter is designated in the game by a small “H” by their player avatar. The Hitter is significant because any player who wins 2 games in a row wins the Table Jackpot.
To Meld is to put down at least 3 cards onto the table that make a combination. The 3 cards must be 3 or 4 cards of the same value, i.e. three 4’s, three Queens etc. (known as 3 or 4 of a kind), or 3 cards of the same suit (known as a straight flush) in consecutive order, i.e. a 4,5,6 of clubs. For consecutive cards, you can meld as many as you have in your hand, the minimum being 3. To meld cards, you can press the Auto button in the game, which will automatically indicate the cards that make a meld, or, you can click on the cards in your hand and then drag and drop them to the space on the table in front of your table position.
The Pot is the sum of money that all players in the game contributed for the Ante.
Tongits is the name of the game, and one way in which a player can win. If you win by Tongits, this means that you have drawn a card from the deck or the dump, then created melds using every card in your hand except for one; the last unused card is the discard to the dump. In this Tongits win scenario, you use every single card in your hand and have no cards left to play.Tongits Win Example: You have two Jacks, three Queens and one 6, you draw from the deck and get a Jack. You can now meld your Jacks and Queens and discard the 6, leaving you with no cards left to play. In this case you win by Tongits.
The Table Jackpot is the amount of money that each player contributes to a table-specific jackpot. The required Table Jackpot amount is 20% of the Ante and is contributed automatically for every game. The player who wins 2 games in a row wins the table jackpot.
NOTE: If the same player continues to win consecutive games after winning 2 in a row, that player will win the Table Jackpot every additional consecutive winning game.
Mega Jackpot is a progressive pot where players contribute 2 or 5 units (dependent on game) each in each game played. To win the Mega Jackpot, a player needs to have at least a 7 Card Straight Flush (aka 7 Card Escalera) combination at the start of the hand. The player MUST MELD this combination on his or her first move. You are not eligible to win the Mega Jackpot, if you play on FREE Tables.
Three sequential cards of the same suit
Three cards equally ranked
When your the first one to run out of cards
Four of a kind cards with different suits, can be melded as a secret
The Timer appears next to each player’s avatar when it’s their turn. Each player has 35 seconds to choose a card from the deck or dump, and then another 35 seconds to make a play and discard.