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Welcome to Tongits Wiki!


Your one stop Wiki for Social Tongits (android)|(ios) and Ultimate Tongits (android)|(ios) Tips, Tricks and other general knowledge.


It’s a game of skill, guts and strategy. Social Tongits™ makes the average player better and challenges the experts by playing with friends, relatives
and players around the globe in a very friendly and live venue. Social Tongits™ offers an atmosphere as if you are in front of the other players and is quite realistic.
You are not playing against a computer – you are in an even playing field against other Tongits players.
Our Social Tongits game is played very similar to the Tongits game played by friends, family, and neighbors using regular playing cards.


Ultimate Tongits is a single-player online mobile card game from the makers of the awesome multi-player Tongits app.
Are you into playing card games? You'll be facing the toughest computer-controlled Tongits masters in every game table.

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