How to play Tongits

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1. Choose a table
2. Place your ANTE
3. Game Starts
4. The Hitter (H) is randomly selected on the first round, but for all succeeding games, the player who won the last game will be the Hitter.
5. The first player starts the game by dumping a card or melding.
6. The next player can pick either from the dump pile or meld. If the player chooses to pick from the dump pile, a meld must be made from the dump card picked.
7. Play continues until someone wins.

4 ways to win
1. Have the least amount of points in your hand
2. If a player selects DRAW
3. Deck runs out
4. Win by Tongits

Win by Draw:
If you think you have fewer points in your hand than your opponets, you can initiate a DRAW. This is a direct challenge to the opponents and will end the game whether you win or lose the draw.
If another player initiates a DRAW, a FOLD or FIGHT will appear at the bottom of the screen.
NOTE: if you have melds in your hand when someone calls a Draw, the melds do not count toward the points in your hand – only unmelded cards.

When You CANNOT Draw:
Until you have played at least one meld on the table
If other players have connected cards to your MELD since your last turn; in this case you must wait one complete rotation before you can Draw (pickup from Deck/Dump, discard, then wait for your next turn to Draw)

When You CAN Draw:
If you have not melded on your last turn and opponents have not connected to your meld(s). If you meld 4 or more cards on your last turn, you cannot DRAW because this is considered a SELF-CONNECT or SAPAW SARILI.

Card Value
Ace 1
2-10 Face Value

Table Fee
15% of the total ante will go to the mega jackpot

Tongits is played by making melds (combinations) of 3 or 4 of a kind, or a minimum of a 3 card Straight Flush (there is no maximum on the number of cards that can be melded for a straight flush, i.e. if you are dealt 5-9 of clubs, you can meld them all at once).
1. A meld can be made by clicking the cards in your hand to be melded, which causes them to shift up slightly, and then dragging them to your table space in front of your avatar.
2. A meld can be made by clicking the Auto button, which moves cards that can be melded or connecting to a meld shift up slightly. They can be dragged/dropped onto the table, Or the MELD button can be pressed.

Melding examples:
Three of a Kind & Four of a Kind

Straight Flush (3 cards)

Straight Flush (5 Cards aka ESCALERA)
You can connect a card to your opponents meld if you have either the 4th of that kind or a flush card that is immediately above or below the current straight.