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It's a 3 player rummy game that is popular in the 1990's in Luzon, the largest island of the Philippines. It's origin remains unknown but it's similar with the American card game, Tonk and Mahjong.

Sariling atin to! (This is ours!)
Many Filipinos consider Tongits as their National or Pambansang Card Game. Leave it to Filipinos to take the best from a variety of games like Poker, Pusoy, Pusoy Dos, Poker, Mah Jong and Gin Rummy to come up with what is considered to be the card game of choice among Pinoys – Tongits. Although, we don’t know who really invented the game, it has certainly been enjoyed by Filipinos worldwide in many social gathering among friends and family.

We don’t even know why the game was called Tongits. Filipinos have been known to take the first and last syllables of words to create a new or cooler word. For example YOSI (Cigarette) is SIgarilYO – YO SI. Could it be that Tongits is Itong and the “s” was added? Itong translated to English is “it” or “this”. Regardless of what the meaning of the word is, Filipinos love it!

Tongits is a game of strategy, guts and skill. Psychology and having the ability to read other players is a must in this game. Anticipating what the players are going to do, throw or meld adds the cool factor in the game. Based on what has been Discarded or Melded, some players. To have a “diskarte” or strategy is to have Moxy that will help the player win games.